​​​ Plumbing Decor

Shower Systems:

Showers today are the result product of intelligent engineering in their structure and design.  Higher quality component standards, unmatched precision of assembly and structural integrity ensures exceptional durability and style.

Many models are offered, like corner, alcove, glass enclosures, or wall mount. This broad selection will give you the look you are looking for. Acrylic or stainless steel base will give you the choice of modern and contemporary design, each of which has its own specific advantages.

Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom Sinks:

Our selection of bathroom sinks diverse from trendy, classic, contemporary and traditional style giving you a wide selection of bathroom sinks.

Whether you choose vessel, under mount, over counter or pedestal our selection sinks will give you a new look to your bathroom.

Choose from traditional material like ceramic or as trendy as brushed nickel, many other material are waiting for you as well like;  cooper, granite, limestone, glass, and yes, even cement with a twist, giving you the look you were waiting for.


Today bathtubs are the center piece of our bathrooms.

Exceptional, elegant, original design and yet with unparalleled comfort those bathtubs were created to beautify your bathroom.

Refined bathtub designs, shapes and looks have created an extraordinarily broad range of models to meet today’s demands. With vast material options like solid acrylic, limestone, copper and natural stone. You may choose from many shapes, deck mount, freestanding or corner bathtub, some will even offer water, air or combined jets system, and chromatherapy giving you the ultimate spa experience.

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Bathroom Faucets:

Faucets will add the final touch to your bathroom.

Traditional polish chrome is just one of the finishing we are offering in our showroom, other finishing like; polish nickel, gold, gun barrel, pearl are just few to mention.

Today faucet styles are extensive.   You could choose from traditional cross handles to as modern as free flowing faucets.

Vanity, deck mount, free standing faucets gives you a choice to where you may want to install your fixtures.  While 8" wide spread, 4" spread or single faucets will give you the final touch to your choice.



Toilets have intrigued designers and engineers and have come a long way to develop new systems to alloy better flow system, reducing  water consumption and providing total comfort.  

Your toilet has now so many more options and styles to enjoy your go. Starting from the traditional 1.6 GPF tank you may
also now choose a more radical approach with the environment in mind with a
technology able to creating the 0.9 GPF system, or the dual flush giving you
the opportunity to select your wash down.  

Other toilets will offer remarkable combination of luxury and technology that will provide comfort and simplicity. Those toilets known as washlets or automatic toilets
will give you the comfort of warm water, seat warmer, automatic closing system,
and so much more depending on the model you choose.

Small places or tea living quarters are more and more in demand, there again toilets
have developed to extraordinary fixtures.  The wall hang or the in wall tank system opens up bathroom space for the other fixtures in your bathroom